BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. Since 2009.

About Us

BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. an Omani Company consisting of hands-on experienced personnel from the oil field industry was established in 2009. It specializes in Workover rigs operations and other in Oil & Gas activities. As one of the new development in Oil & Gas sector was awarded contract with M/s Petroleum Development Oman(PDO) for well service activity contract for BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. for the provision of Workover Rig Services in South Oman. Operations started in Feb 2013 till date and now the work is being expanded up to 6 Workover Rigs in different areas in Sultanate of Oman. During the first year BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. has demonstrated high level of excellence in HSE and operational performance.

BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. Since 2009

The Best Ever

Company Vision

to be the Company of choice in the global Oilfield industry

Company Mission

To ensure exceptional value for our employees and customers through superior operations, innovative solutions, complete team commitment and dedication to excellence in performance.

Company Values

Our shared values which we are guided by are:1. Leadership 2. Passion 3. Integrity 4. Accountability 5. Collaboration 6. Innovation 7. Excellence 8. Quality

Why Choose us

BaOmar Oilfield services Co. (BOOFS) proven reputation of reliability and performance is due to our fundamental guiding principle of pride by performance and creating an environment for people for working efficiently to ensure total customer satisfaction by ensuring development of our people for their capabilities and competence.


Protects the health and safety of its employees and all others that may be affected by its activities.

Protects the environment, encourages recycling, minimises waste and pollution and seeks to reduce the consumption of unsustainable natural resources.


BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. is committed to provide our customers with a high quality service on time and on budget ensuring that a greater integrity will be maintained in our area of business.


We place strong focus on the needs of our customers and we meet those needs by ensuring exceptional value for our customers through superior operations, innovative solutions and complete team commitment through our organization

Our History


Beginning Our Services

HOIST#54-has been started dated on 19th Feb 2013.

HOIST#55 has been started dated on 27th Feb 2013.

HOIST#56 has been started dated on 25th Oct 2013.


Offering More Services

M/s Daleel Petroleum LLC.

HOIST#2 has been started dated on 27th Jan 2016.


Offering More Services

M/s CC Energy Development Oman.

HOIST#10 has been started dated on 19th Sep 2018.


Offering More Services

HOIST#73 has been started dated on 1st May 2019.

HOIST#110 has been started dated on 27th Nov 2019.

Our Clients